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What is a site without any ideas for the future? So here it is, a new feature for members of the Roadmap page

Recognize the experts, show the badge!


You want to show on external sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) you professional profile on Use our brand new badge. You can download it form our site, change the size the way you want and link it directly to your profile page. Not only a nice way to show your skills, but also it shows you expertise according to the community.

Create some buzz


Every new website needs a buzz! If you are online and nobody visits your website you did all the work for nothing. So i need your help. Just help me creating a buzz and show my website to the DNN Experts you know! 

Any ideas?


When it comes to make your idea rock-solid, it can help to let it review by others. That is what i'm asking for: if you have any ideas to make working better, just let me know. I'm open for every kind of comments, ideas, sponsoring, help and other suggestions. Just send me an email:



The idea to start a new website came when i was on DNN Connect 2017 in Gerona (Spain). I heard a lot of community activities and saw people start working together. In the weeks after the conference there were some job posts from DNN companies searching for extra employees. That was the moment i thought: 'why isn't there a site specific for DNN related work?'. There are a lot site for freelance jobs, but it is a mess and the projects and jobs are from poor and bad to extreme and well paid. 

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