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Mininterview with Anna Demuylder

    Mininterview with Anna Demuylder

Just to know some of the DNN Experts on this site, we introduce a mininterview. A short list with questions and answers about the Expert and his DNN. This interview is done with Anna Demuylder,  you can find here profile here.

Where are you from?
I am from Antwerp, Belgium. A lovely city famous for diamonds in a country famous for beer and chocolate. Nice place to be.

What was the first DNN version you are working with?
3 or 4.. Not sure.. Long time ago. 

What is the DNN project (public url) where you are the most proud of?
One, really? 
It sounds a bit tacky, but the last project. I love to dive into a project. I get excited about the company, the passion of the people working there and just want to make it into a great result. It is fulfilling to understand someone's business, create and grasp the client's passion. Succeeding is easier when we are involved from the beginning to the end. 
Damn, I love my job. 

Which module do you like the most?
OpenContent from Sacha Trauwaen because it gives us the freedom to make sure the content matches the layout with small but lovely features like flip boxes, fading content, ... 

What would be your wish for DNN (f.i. extension, function)?
Focus on a stable and liable base. Not that it isn't there, but focus to improve this even more. 

Are you visiting DNN related events? If Yes, what was the last one and what did you remember of that event?
When possible, I attend the European DNN events since the one in Paris. We organized one in the Ardennes in Belgium. 
DNN connect last year was the last event I participated in. What I remember? The comradery. The openness to talk about the good, the bad and even the ugly. DNN is kind of a 'work family'. What dazzles me every year that although everybody is working on their own things in different countries, we all seem to be facing the same challenges and often make similar conclusions..


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