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Mininterview with Brian Dukes

    Mininterview with Brian Dukes

Just to know some of the DNN Experts on this site, we introduce a mininterview. A short list with questions and answers about the Expert and his DNN. This interview is done with Brian Dukes, you can find his profile here

Where are you from?
    ​I'm from the midwestern section of the United States.  I've been in St. Louis, Missouri, working at Engage Software (and going to college before that) for the last ​13 years.​

What was the first DNN version you are working with?
    ​I started working with DNN around 2005​, when DNN 3 (ASP.NET 1.1) and DNN 4 (ASP.NET 2) were both being worked on in parallel.

What is the DNN project (public url) where you are the most proud of?
    ​The True Value websites still stand as a highlight, maybe even now more so that they've been going strong for a number of years.  We're currently working on a plan to update them (they were created before "responsive" was a term)​, but even so, they're a well built set of sites that solve some interesting technical challenges.

Which module do you like the most?
    ​We've been using OpenContent​ quite a bit recently at Engage. We find we can solve 80% of our customers needs with this one module, and are trying to standardize on a useful common set of templates.

What would be your wish for DNN (f.i. extension, function)?
    I'm hearing a lot of good ideas and direction out of DNN's new CEO, Andy Tryba, so I'm happy to see where that leads us.  More attention to open source, including open sourcing components of Evoq, a healthier partner program, and support for DNN Platform sites are all great things that sound like they're in the process of being tackled.  In terms of the software, I like the vision of simplifying, so that DNN fades into the background as much as it can, and simple solutions to the task of building a website are front and center.

Are you visiting DNN related events? If Yes, what was the last one and what did you remember of that event?
    ​Yes, I typically attend and speak at the DNN conferences ​in the United States (hopefully I'll get to take a trip to DNN-Connect soon, too).  I'm speaking at DNN Summit in February, and spoke last year, as well.  That was definitely a great conference, with good topics and discussions.  The access to other folks in the community is primary reason to attend, and the two days of fun in the snow were certainly a wonderful perk on top of that!


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