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Mininterview with David Poindexter

    Mininterview with David Poindexter

Just to know some of the DNN Experts on this site, we introduce a mininterview. A short list with questions and answers about the Expert and his DNN. This interview is done with David Poindexter, you can find his profile here

Where are you from?

I am from Charlotte, North Carolina, United States (though some think I am from another planet - haha)

What was the first DNN version you are working with?

I was working with DNN from the very beginning.  I was building commercial iBuySpy modules when iBuySpy Workshop came about and eventually became DotNetNuke and subsequently DNN.

What is the DNN project (public url) where you are the most proud of?

There are so many, but my current favorite is probably Concord Downtown (  This is a fabulous example of a client embracing the system and leveraging it across multiple channels, including their mobile app!

Which module do you like the most?

Yikes, that is a loaded question!  Haha!  I like modules that specifically meet a specific project objective.  Every commercial module has their pros and cons, so I would say my favorites are the custom modules we develop.  😉

What would be your wish for DNN (f.i. extension, function)?

I would love for DNN to have tighter (core) integration support for IoT devices.  I would also like to see DNN finally move to a more modern framework base (e.g., .NET Core).

Are you visiting DNN related events? If Yes, what was the last one and what did you remember of that event?

Yes.  The last DNN event (with the exception of our Southern Fried DNN meetups) was DNN Connect 2017 in Girona, Spain.  It was so awesome connect with friends from the community and making new ones!  It is a much different event than DNN Summit that we put on in the U.S. and that is a good thing!


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