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Mininterview with Hans Lenting, founder of

    Mininterview with Hans Lenting, founder of

Just to know some of the DNN Experts on this site, we introduce a mininterview. A short list with questions and answers about the Expert and his DNN. This interview is done with Hans Lentng, you can find his profile here

Where are you from?
I'm living in Zwolle, a city in the east of the Netherlands. 

What was the first DNN version you are working with?
I started working with DNN in 2008 using DNN 4.9. I was familiar with MS SQL and was looking for a solution to bring applications build in MS Access to an online solution. Theredor i was looking for a CMS based on SQL Server.

What is the DNN project (public url) where you are the most proud of?
Besides the site (i'm also the founder of i think it is , a Dutch franchise organization for car rental. It has different tarrifs per location and i not only build the website but also manage the content and do the SEO together with Ilse Barlow from DNN Consulting.

Which module do you like the most?
I'm a big fan of DNN Sharp modules, i think i use Action Form the most, but the most powerfull is My Tokens i think . 

What would be your wish for DNN (f.i. extension, function)?
I would love to have a module to handle to connect with a mobile app. Because i don't build modules by myself i would love to have plug and play module for that.

Are you visiting DNN related events? If Yes, what was the last one and what did you remember of that event?
Yes i'm visiting the DNN Connect events since 2009 and also the DNN NL/BE events (an event for Dutch speaking DNN-ers from Belgium and The Netherlands). I like the way we help each other during the conferences without competing each other. Both events are real community events! 


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