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Mininterview with Michael Tobisch

    Mininterview with Michael Tobisch

Just to know some of the DNN Experts on this site, we introduce a mininterview. A short list with questions and answers about the Expert and his DNN. This interview is done with Michael Tobisch , you can find his profile here

Where are you from?
Innsbruck, Austria.

What was the first DNN version you are working with?
Long time ago. It was some DNN 3.x version, running on .Net Framework 1.1

What is the DNN project (public url) where you are the most proud of?
There are some, and they are all my babies 🙂. I think and are the best of the latest projects. The first was in co-operation with Vicenç Masanas ( from Spain, the second one with Geoff Barlow ( from the Netherlands and Sacha Trauwaen ( from Belgium. And of course, there was a project from the Council of Europe (, which I worked for about 10 years, and that my very good friend Sergey Velichko ( from the Ukraine took over.

Which module do you like the most?
This is a custom module I wrote for the intranet of the city council of Innsbruck that stores metadata about all the IT solutions that run there and give the responsible persons a tool to decide if data has to be registered at the data protection authorities, if it can be published in the Austrian Open Data initiative ( and some more functionality. Sorry I cannot give any demo here... 🙂

What would be your wish for DNN (f.i. extension, function)?
Stability and security. Reduction of bugs. No new features until the system is stable.

Are you visiting DNN related events? If Yes, what was the last one and what did you remember of that event?
Sure, and I have been a speaker at various of these events (e.g. Day of DotNotNuke 2010 in Paris, German Usergroup meetings, DNN Roadshow in Austria and Germany). The last one was the DNN Connect conference in Spain this year. I remember meeting good old friends, got new friends, had a lot of fun and very informational sessions.


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